Small Businesses: Should You Opt for WordPress for your Web Hosting Needs?

Every business around the world is realizing the importance of the internet and how necessary it is to have an online presence for the growth of your business. Thus, small businesses are confronted with the dilemma; should we invest in a website? The answer is yes! Not only will it help your business grow but [...]

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SEO and CTR Could Be Affected by New Domain Extensions

 Recent studies show that website domain extensions that do not have the usual .com attached it to it for instance are seen with heightened levels of suspicion as compared to the usual URLs. Moreover, the study also indicates how these domain extensions negatively affect click-through rates and may in a way have a negative [...]

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New Domain Extensions More Efficient for Online Marketing

After setting up a business, one of the most complex measures is to establish an efficient website with appropriate and authentic domain extension. In today's world, the domain extensions such as .com and .org are the least available, therefore, with the change of time, businesses and brands have stopped focusing on no longer available dot [...]

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