Small Businesses: Should You Opt for WordPress for your Web Hosting Needs?

Every business around the world is realizing the importance of the internet and how necessary it is to have an online presence for the growth of your business. Thus, small businesses are confronted with the dilemma; should we invest in a website? The answer is yes! Not only will it help your business grow but also help you manage it better.

A lot of times businesses fear the fact that a website will cost them a lot of money and due to the businesses small size, they might not be able to afford it. However, with the new solutions available today, there are dozens of options businesses can choose from to have a website made and maintained within their budget.

With the managed WordPress hosting services, you do not have to hire anyone for IT since your web hosting services provider will provide you with support and make your life extremely easy.

WordPress has two of the most popular forms of web hosting; shared and virtual private server. The difference between them is in a shared server you share space with other websites within the same server. This means you share bandwidth and connectivity. This usually does not cost a lot since the shared space means lower costs for you. However, the bandwidth has to be shared and thus your website might be slowed down or encounter issues with more users.

A virtual private server is like the name suggests; virtual. A physical server is divided into multiple servers. While this space is also shared with other websites, it still gives you the kind of freedom you would get with a dedicated server. Sometimes there might be problems such as limitations imposed by your VPS service provider. However, a managed VPS could be a good idea for a small local business since the service provider would provide you with updates and maintenance.

In the end, for small businesses that do not have enough cash flow to dole out money for dedicated servers and IT specialists, then option for WordPress web hosting is a great idea since with a managed plan, they can achieve a website with the functions they want as well as not spending too much. Add to that the fact that their service provider takes care of all maintenance and upgrades and provides constant support.

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