SEO and CTR Could Be Affected by New Domain Extensions

 Recent studies show that website domain extensions that do not have the usual .com attached it to it for instance are seen with heightened levels of suspicion as compared to the usual URLs. Moreover, the study also indicates how these domain extensions negatively affect click-through rates and may in a way have a negative impact on SEO.

The study included a sample of 1000 participants who were adults from UK and they spoke about how they felt regarding whether or not they trusted the traditional or .com domains as compared to the fairly newer domain names such as .biz or. fashion for instance. The results of the study showed that 70.5% of the participants preferred and trusted the traditional domain extensions.

Furthermore, the results show a surprising view as 77.6% of the younger population ranging between 25 and 34 preferred the newer domains. Whereas 61% of the older population between 55 and 64 chose to trust the traditional domain extension. The more traditional domain names are quite costly as compared to the newer ones. Moreover, the newer domain extensions are ranked equally by search engines.

However, the results of the study show that there is another factor in play, as the study shows that more people are less in favor of choosing domains that have the newer domain options. Thus, the lack of preference towards the newer domain options could result in a decrease in the brand reputation which would in turn decrease the sales.

On the other hand, there is quite a lot of evidence that proves the new domain extension to not have any negative impact on SEO and CTR. For instance, coffee. Club has newer domain extension and yet it gained a lot of success. In fact, instead of ranking worse than .com, it ranked better than it. is one of the biggest success cases regarding the new domain extensions. The website became one of the most searched websites on google after it was created which is quite rare for new websites.

Even if this case regarding is ignored it can be said that newer domain extensions do not rank worse than the traditional ones. This finding is a sigh of relief for those individuals who prefer to use the newer domain extensions without having to worry about the impact on the SEO. Ultimately the success of domain will be based on the website and how favorable it is to the users.

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