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5 Reasons a Company Should Opt for Alternative Domain Extensions

The domain world is undergoing a radical change. Now, businesses have an option to choose the domain extension to use in the online presence.

The critical goal of presenting your business online is to enhance branding and competitiveness of your organization. Can having an alternative domain extension play a role in the achievement of these objectives?

Here are the five reasons why your company should consider alternative domain extensions:

1. Gaining a competitive advantage

Online recognition lies in the ability of your business being searchable on the search engines. With the rise in competition in the online sphere, it is not easy to rank on the first page of the search engines.  Accessing a new domain extension places your business at a strategic position of for high ranking. In fact, whenever the user keys in a keyword that is matching with your extension, there is a greater possibility of your business appearing in the overall search results than your competitors.

2. Help your business to gain multi-faceted identities

Acquiring an online identity is an overall objective of every goal in the 21st century. Initially, the business had a sole option of promoting their product brands; their website only. Alternatively, you could have used third parties such as the social media website to create an online audience. However, the third party sites give priority to their brands, and yours comes second.

With the new extension domain, you can develop and register a creative domain that matches well with your brands.  This enhances your customer experiences and boosts your business online identity through having URLs for each brand.



Prevents your competitors from stealing your identity

New extensions are gain grounds and becoming a battlefield for online business. Registering an extension with your company name prevents saves you from an unhealthy competition.  Essentially, the action keeps you from domain jacking where your competitors can register an extension with your business name. As a result, you lose your ranking and online traffic. In worse cases, you can lose your customers to the competitor. Thus it is important to register your domain extension to avoid such cases.

4. Protection from trademark abusers

By registering an extension with your business name, you protect it from trademark abusers. With other TLDs, spammers and fraudster can create a website with a slight difference with your original site. Your alternative business domain extension eliminates this aspect.  The extension gives you the power to control who uses it. As such, no one has an opportunity to abuse your trademark.



Niche identity

Assuming your business operates in the financial industry. A domain name like saveacoin.com is less likely to be trusted as saveacoin.finance. The following domain extension communicates a direct message to the user on the kind of information to expect from your site. As such, obtaining an alternative extension for your company places you at the center of the niche you operate.  Hence, it helps your business to gain a niche identity which is not available on old TLDs.


Alternative domain extensions help in enhancing online marketing activities.  You can promote each brand with a separate URL. Thus, it becomes easier for you to plan online marketing activities for each brand. Particular, it is possible to measure the performance of each brand which is essential for online marketing budgets.


 In whole, it is vital to consider an alternative extension for your company. The alternative extension helps your business on its branding and marketing missions. Also, it boosts your online business presence and following through enhancing its search engine rankings. Importantly, the alternative extension bar trademark abuse and unhealthy competitors.  The two groups have a negative impact on your business which may lead to losing of clients and traffic. If you’re looking for a good domain name and extension for your website, Shopify offers a domains name generator that can really help you find the right one for you.